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Welcome to the resource section!


This is a one-stop shop for all things helpful in this crazy parenting journey. From antenatal and birth resources to activities your school-aged children and teens might want to try out, to support for your parenting journey – whether that’s feeding your newborn, coping with your child’s behaviour or wanting to look after yourself with something like a mindfulness class.


We designed this section based on our own frustrations with finding support and activites quickly. Parenting is hard enough, so we wanted to save you some of the difficulties.


We’ve grouped things by location, and then by type of activity. So go on, click on the area you’re interested in and have fun exploring what’s available!






You’ll notice these are in the South Lanarkshire and surrounding areas since well, we live in the West of Scotland.


This section is a work in progress, so please bear with us as we add more over the coming weeks and months.


As you know, things change quickly. The information contained in this section is accurate at the time it was added. If there’s anything we’ve missed, links aren’t working, or the service is no longer avilable, fill in the contact form and let us know.


*Disclaimer: Please contact the service provider to ensure that the service is still available.