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Have you got a love of reading but there’s such little time in your day that you want to make sure you read things you’ll enjoy or find useful?


Do you find yourself staring at a list of parenting books and wonder if they’re all saying the same things, and will you even enjoy it? Never fear, we are just like you!


Between the three of us, we’ve read A LOT of parenting and children’s books. Some we hated, some were okay, and others we recommend to everyone we meet.
Because we love to be helpful, each month, we’ll post a review on a book we’ve read. We’ll only review books that fit with our parenting and life views. Click on the book you want to know about and you’ll get taken to it’s review.


Each month, we’ll let you know the next book we are reading in case you want to join in and share what your thought in the comments. Think of it as the My Joyful Parenting book club!


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