BabyCalm Calming Workshop

BabyCalm calming workshop


Life with a baby can be tough, even after those early days are over.


Babies cry, and they cry a lot. Some seem to cry more than others.


Sometimes the reasons for the crying is clear, and other times, it leaves you confused, frustrated, and at times, feeling helpless.



BabyCalmTM can help!


Our baby calming workshop is designed for parents of babies who have come out of the newborn phase (suitable for babies 4 – 11 months). It can be very helpful if you’re struggling with a fussy, clingy baby who still doesn’t want to be put down.


Our baby calming workshop helps you to understand your growing baby, their behaviour, communication and needs and provides frameworks that help you have a calmer and happier life with your baby.


In small groups of about 6-8 couples, we’ll help you to understand:
* Why babies cry and how to calm them
* Why babies sleep the way they do
* How you can help them to sleep



Workshop details


The length of the workshop is 3 hours. A gorup workshop costs £45*.


Private consultation is from £75.


Privately arranged group: Prices as for group workshop if there are a minimum of 4 paying families.


Please complete the contact form below to make an enquiry about arranging a private consultation or a private group.


*This price is per person (with one additional family member free of charge) in a group setting. All handouts are included in the price. It is possible to arrange a bespoke price if you want to attend with additional family members or carers (for your own child).





If you live in the South Lanarkshire, East Renfrewshire, and Glasgow area, stay tuned for upcoming dates. If you’re on Facebook, you can stay up to date by visting the CalmFamily West Scotland Facebook Page.


The workshop is available as a private group or one-to-one session. Private sessions can be either in person or online through Skype.


Live in Scotland but not local to me? I might be able to come to you should you wish to arrange a private group, or we can arrange a private consultaion via Skype.


Complete the form to discuss your needs and a quote.


Not in Scotland but interested in the workshop? Head on over and visit the CalmFamily website to find BabyCalmTM Consultants in your local area.